By Captain Cody Hassell
December 18, 2023

At 1747 hrs sta 50 and 60 were dispatched to an accident involving a pedestrian on W Main St. 504 and E53 marked enroute along with medics and ES2. 504 arrived on scene established command and had 1 vehicle vs pedestrian with the pedestrian having sever injuries. ES2 based off the comments requested to launch a helicopter and the LZ to be at sta 60. E53 arrived on scene along with the medic and started patient care to the pedestrian. E52 responded to sta 60 to setup LZ and land life evac HELO 3. medics transported the pedestrian to the LZ and loaded them onto Life Evac HELO 3. Life Evac HELO 3 transported the patient to Norfolk General with life threating injuries. all units cleared and scene was turned over to Smithfield PD.