Rescue 50 assists Station 10 Extricate One from the Marsh (Water Rescue)
By Firefighter Clay Vaughan
November 4, 2019

At 10:09am Station 10 was dispatched for a person stuck under a dock waist deep in mud with the tide coming up. Due to comments 503 (Asst. Chief Kempton) asked 101 (Chief Nunez) if Station 50 units could be of assistance and were given the go ahead to respond. Rescue 50 (Lt. Asencio) responded with 5 members, all 5 being water or technical rescue capable. 503 responded bringing Boat 50 and Zodiac 50 to the scene. Rescue 10, Medic 10, 101, and 503 were able to free the victim without committing boats or water rescue personnel to the water.

Units: 503, Rescue 50, Boat 50, Zodiac 50, 101, Rescue 10, Medic 10, EMS 2